Air ventilation is one of the main factors of a proper indoor microclimate. Therefore, it is better to entrust the design of the ventilation system to professionals. After all, how clean the air you, your clients and your employees breathe depends on how well the work is done.

It is advisable to start designing a ventilation system at the construction or repair stage, since the ventilation arrangement needs technically complex work.

For the proper functioning of the ventilation system, it is important to take into account a large number of factors, such as the climate of the region, location, and operational features of the room. An important role is also played by the selection of high-quality equipment that can satisfy all the necessary requirements.

Drafting a ventilation system is the basis for a long and correct system operation; while developing it, it is necessary to take into account that it must meet sanitary, fire-prevention, operational, and building-architectural requirements. Specialists of the UKRTECHSYSTEMS company will help you to make a project of the ventilation and air conditioning system that will meet all the necessary standards and requirements and take into account the peculiarities of your premises. And they will also help you to choose high-quality equipment from leading world manufacturers

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