Heat pumps are devices for transferring heat to the consumer using a compressor. Heat can be transmitted both directly to the air (for example, an ordinary air conditioner in an apartment) and to a coolant (water or a water/glycol solution – for use in batteries, radiators, fan coils, etc.).

The meaning of using a heat pump is its efficiency: for 1 kW of consumed electricity, the heat pump can produce 3-5 kW of heat! The more kW of heat the unit produces per 1 kW of energy consumed, the higher its efficiency (in other words, the efficiency is also called COP) – the ratio of the received kW of heat from the heat pump to the kW of consumed energy. In modern heat pumps, the COP can reach 5!

This section presents modern highly efficient heat pumps of the Italian company MAXAh. The thermal power of the line is from 5 to 115 kW. MAXA heat pumps can work for heat up to -25 °C of the surrounding air, which allows you to use the equipment all year round to obtain heat!