ACTIONclima is an Italian company that develops and manufactures fan coil units and air purification plants for residential buildings, commercial (offices, shops, bars, hotels) and industrial applications. Offices and production workshop located offices in Treviso .
The company’s main objectives are to design, manufacture and sell a wide range of air purification plants, using first-class quality and carefully selected components.

Competence, versatility of products, flexibility of services and dynamic actions are the main characteristics on which ACTIONclima was created to compete in an increasingly dynamic, specialized market.

ACTIONclima offers customers innovative and modern products, constantly improving, with maximum attention to quality.

The company’s products are designed to provide high performance, energy saving, environmental friendliness, low noise and a high level of performance.
The basic philosophy of ACTIONclima is “customer-orientation”, based on close market monitoring and customer requirements, research and suggestion of optimal solutions.