ACM was founded in 1987 in Italy by a group of experts in the field of climate technology. Since 2004, the company has been headed by Ms. Carla Fornaseiro. Many years of engineering and management experience in Germany allowed her to combine the German approach to quality, Italian advanced technologies and solutions in the design and production of commercial and industrial equipment for ventilation and air conditioning systems. In the same year, the company changed its name to ACM Kälte Klima. The strategic line of the company’s development is the development and production of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems that meet the requirements of the modern market. The model range is constantly being improved and updated, constantly introducing new innovative and energy-efficient solutions. Chillers and precision air conditioners of the company have proven themselves in both Italian and European markets. These are quality products at a reasonable price.

The company’s office and production facilities are located 30 km from Padua (Veneto, Italy), in the Arzergrande industrial area. The plant of the company is equipped with the latest equipment and machines, automatic painting lines, assembly conveyors and test benches – this allows you to get the equipment of the highest quality.

Currently, the following types of equipment are presented in the ACM Kälte Klima production program:

    Chillers 19-1600 kW
    Heat pumps 50-700 kW
    Condensing units 21-370 kW
    Precision air conditioners 5-105 kW
    Roof conditioners (roof-tops) 40-200 kW

The processes of development and production of equipment comply with international quality control standards ISO 9001. All components and compressors used in the manufacture of ACM Kälte Klima products are supplied only from leading global manufacturers (Danfoss, Copeland, Bitzer, Carel, etc …)

The ready equipment, before shipment to the Customer, passes factory tests and quality control, at which the basic working parameters are tested and visual inspection is carried out. This allows us to satisfy the highest demands of our customers.

ACM Kälte Klima is focused on long-term relationships with its partners and is committed to mutually beneficial cooperation and partnership.