Textile air ducts provide an even distribution of air, ensuring the maintenance of a constant temperature.

The use of textile ducts makes it possible to find an economical solution for many problems arising in air distribution systems at service enterprises, in industrial buildings, including the large-scale facilities.

Advantages of textile air ducts:

They are deprived of a “drafts effect”, unlike metal counterparts, when they fall into the zone of action of the diffuser in which a person feels drafts.

• They have noise-absorbing properties, which allows to suppress the noise created by fans and air flows.

The condensate is not formed due to the vapor-permeable properties of the material, It prevents the formation of microorganisms, which is an important factor in the food industry.

• Thanks to the mesh inserts, the air supply is equal, even at high power.

• Easy to dismantle for cleaning and disinfection.

The UKRTECHSYSTEMS company offers textile air ducts produced by the Polish company Atol, which has been successfully operating on the market since 1999.

All Atol products have undergone extensive testing of materials and technical solutions.