KLIMOR is a leading manufacturer and supplier of standard and highly specialized air conditioning systems, ventilation and refrigeration systems for the climate and marine industry.

50 years of tradition, supported by professional knowledge and rich experience acquired both on the Polish market and on the markets of many European countries, allow the company to constantly expand its offerings, introduce modern fashion trends related to the climate industry, while unconditionally adhering to quality standards.

The highest quality equipment of the KLIMOR brand is confirmed by certificates accepted by the most important experts and specialists in the ventilation and air-conditioning industry.

Compliance with DIN 1946-4: 2008, as well as PN-EN 1886:2008 and PN-EN 13053+ A1:2011 was confirmed by the independent certification company TUV Reinland.

The equipment has the State Hygienic Institute of Poland certificate, as well as a mark of conformity of production with the EU Directives, CE mark.