LEWACO is a pioneer in the atmospheric air drainage industry in Poland. Since 1995, the company has been supplying and assembling adsorption and industrial dehumidifiers and integrated drying systems. It has many years of experience that allows you to solve all the problems associated with humidity

LEWACO produces a range of adsorption air dehumidifiers of both standard design and heat pumps and heat recovery systems. Energy efficient dehumidifiers of BDHM E type are the unique product – the amount of electricity consumed to condense 1 kg of water from air is three times less than other known solutions. The company also offers industrial condensing dehumidifiers that work well at high humidity and temperature. Thanks to the use of special solutions, dehumidifiers can also operate at low temperatures.

LEWACO, as a manufacturer and distributor of dehumidifiers, also provides their after-sales and post warranty service. LEWACO also means technical support and preparation of concepts and design solutions for the needs of our customers who have problems with humidity