Industrial chillers are devices for cooling or heating water or non-freezing liquid.

The chiller-fan coil system is a single or multi-zone system for air conditioning and cooling. The operation of this system is based on the following principle: the chiller cools the coolant (glycol, antifreeze, water) which is fed through a pump station to an air cooler (fan coil) that provides cooling (or heating) of air in the work area. The chiller-fan coil system has many good sides:

• unlimited number of indoor units (limited only by the power of the chiller and pump)

• saving space and preserving the appearance of the facade of the building (unlike the use of conventional household split systems)

• inexpensive “strapping” of the system and relatively simple balancing of the system

• safety: volatile gases are concentrated in the chiller, which is installed outside or in a separate room. This section presents refrigeration equipment manufactured by the Italian company ACM Kälte Klima, which has an excellent price/quality ratio