VBW Engineering – one of the leading companies for the production of climatic ventilation equipment in Poland. The company was founded in 1993 on the shore of the Baltic Sea in Gdynia. Constantly developing, the company today has confidently become the leader of Polish manufacturers in terms of the volume of manufactured aggregates and the quality of manufacturing products.

VBW Engineering produces installations of various types: supply and air exhaust, roof, channelless, with heat recovery. Air consumption is within the range of 500 – 100 000 m3/h.

The company has a very wide production line: indoor/outdoor floor-mounted sectional installations, suspended sectional installations, installations for drainage and ventilation of swimming pools, installations for hygienic design, explosion-proof installations. It is possible to make different equipment according to the needs of the customer.

High-quality assembly of components, as well as a relatively low price, allow VBW Engineering to compete successfully in the Ukrainian market with a similar climate equipment from leading world manufacturers.

The catalog of VBW Enginneering equipment is below:

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