Clima-Produkt is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of climate and ventilation equipment. The priority in the activity is the exact selection of equipment according to the requirements of the object where it will work. Therefore, the equipment works reliably in buildings of various types: from small restaurants, sports facilities, industrial enterprises, warehouses to large hypermarket halls as well as “clean rooms” with particularly complex requirements for air quality and microclimate.

Clima-Produkt works on the basis of ISO 9001 quality management system, confirmed by SGS United Kingdom Ltd. Systems & Services Certification. We do our best to confirm that our products comply with Polish and European standards, therefore our equipment has a set of documents that can be applied throughout Europe.

The design of the equipment meets the requirements that must be followed at the facility. Clima-Product offers installation in the following versions:

• for indoor use

• for outdoor use

• hygiene

• pool

• channelless

• single module (compact)

• with explosion proof elements

• for working in aggressive environments (including completely made of stainless steel )

• with integrated refrigeration unit that can operate in a reversible heat pump mode

Clima-Produkt has a wide range of options for producing non-standard solutions that are clearly under the dimensions and characteristics of the Customer. The company has its own production of recuperators.

The Clima-Produkt equipment review catalog is here.